PZ LASER Feedback
PZ LASER offers a variety of cost-effective service programs
  • lipo laser
    Job Title: Manager
    From: USA
    My final results after 12 sessions on my hips&thighs. I'm so happy! I have lost 8 kilos&24cms!!! Plus,I'm now able to wear a pair of shorts I haven't worn in such a long time!I've even gone down 2 notches on my belt! Thank you so very much.
  • shr opt
    Job Title: Manager
    From: Slovakia
    Dear Hollin,working with SHR machine is excellent ...,thank you for all your helps. best regards Beniacova
  • cavi lipo
    Job Title: spa owner
    From: USA
    Dear Alice, Everything has gone well! I have learned to use the device PZ809+ and it works ! I have been pleased with the device. Sunny summer! Yours sincerely! Paula
  • laser lipo
    Job Title: Manager
    From: India
    Thank you very much molly,I reveived the courier.I now understand that you are a company to be trusted.Best wishes to you (Personally) and to your company. MAYANK
  • super opt shr
    Job Title: Purchasing Manager
    From: Turkey
    Hello Hollin, Sorry i haven't gotten back to you,I've been away on holiday but now back to work.Yes,shr is working very well,we would like to still order another 3 new machines. Can you please send me the invoice and the transfer details? Thanks, Karen.
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